The city's most exciting combination of sunshine and water!

Solar boats racing

The weekend of exciting races includes three classes of electric boats powered totally by the power of the sun: Young Solar, Solar Splash and Open Class.

All entries are built and piloted by university, college and high school students.

This promises to be great competition as mechanical and electrical engineering, STEM students and their teams get out on the lake to race and get together on land to compare their technologies for advancing the sport and solar energy initiatives

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The Toronto Harbour

The Toronto waterfront has been totally redone over the past decade and is alive and vibrant all through the summer with thousands of people - families, couples, cyclists, joggers, visitors, residents - taking in the fresh air, the many activities and the unique Toronto Islands.

The Toronto Solar Boat Race will run from the Toronto Island Ferry docks to HTO Park, just 30 yards from the shoreline to be easily viewed by thousands of people along the 1km course.

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Solar Speed boat with solar panels on bow

These boats are the real deal! You might be surprised to find out that there have been solar boats racing for almost 25 years.

This brief history will tell you about some of the milestone events and achievements like the inroduction of hydrofoils and other technical sdvancements contributing to the world record speed of 26.6 knots (49.2 km/h, 30.6 mph).

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