About the Toronto Solar Boat Races

Solar Sport One: Innovation of today is energy for tomorrow

Solar Sport One has been operating solar boat races in Europe since 2014. The Toronto Solar Boat Races are presented in association with SSO and races are run under the organization's auspices.

With their races and informative side events, the Solar Sport One mandate is to awaken the innovator and team players within the sustainable energy community. Students and professionals compete in SSO races,  joining forces within their peer group to help achieve common energy aims. Several race events bring about overall-winners and world champions in different classes: A-class and TOP-class. and V20 class.


Jeff Butler is the Executive Producer and Founder of the Toronto Solar Boat Race. Inspired by the Monaco Solar Challenge and the work of the Solar Sport One organization, he set out to bring this exciting and innovative sport to the waterfront of his home town. He was born on the Toronto Islands, a half kilometre from the offices of Toronto Solar Boat.

Jeff has had a long and distinguished career in Canadian and international advertising and is currently the Editor of reelectrify.com and the President of the Electric Boat Association of Canada.

The Toronto Solar Boat Race

102 Lakeshore Ave, Ward's Island
Toronto, ON Canada 
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